Q: What is CPRA?
A: CPRA is a non-profit community organization chartered to enhance the lives of the Colony Pines residents.

Q: Why does Colony Pines have a Homeowners Association?
A: The developer of Colony Pines initially planned to install a pool for community use and decided that a Homeowners Association would be the best method to manage the operation.  The pool was never built, but the association remained in place.

Q: Is it mandatory to be a member of the CPRA if I live in Colony Pines?
A: No.  Membership is voluntary.  A little history and legal lesson on the matter…the decision to have a Homeowners Association in Colony Pines occurred after homes within the neighborhood had already sold.  Legally, it would be nearly impossible to impose a mandatory Homeowners Association on those homes.  So, the decision was made to have voluntary membership.

Q: If membership is voluntary, what do I get for becoming a member?
A: Members of CPRA contribute to the upkeep of the entrance and park.  Members also enjoy various community social events held on a quarterly basis.

Q: Does the city own the park?
A: No.  CPRA owns the park and is resposible for upkeep of the grounds, equipment, insurance, and electricity.

Q: Who maintains the front entrance?
A: CPRA.  The association is responsible for upkeep of the signs located on the corner of Denbigh Blvd. and Woodside Ln.

Q: Where does the money go?
A: $5500 per year.  It breaksdown as follows:

Price Frequency
Mowing $65 per mowing
Electric $510 annually
Water $106 annually
Insurance $100 annually
Accounting $600 annually
Web Site $108 annually
Postage $1900 annually
Property Assessment $25 annually
Mulch $400 annually
Playground Maintenance $50 annually
Sign Maintenance $106 annually
Postal Drop Box $35 annually